#Howl1 – Cravings gets kicked by the power of Locus of Control!

Locus of Control

 As you dive into the first howl, I request you to take out your tangled earphones, untangle them, put it on and enjoy this music piece (Niyantran) which is originally composed for this blog.

The whole concept is to read the blog while listening to the music, it will make you sense the tone of the blog

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It’s been 4 months, and now I think, I can control myself to savour the luscious, delicious, scrumptious and precious piece of meat. Yes, after being a pure non-vegetarian for at least 18 years, I challenged myself on the eve of the new year to give up meat just to test my Locus of Control. My first howl is about Locus of Control. So, essentially the concept was developed by Julian B. Rotter in 1954 explaining it as a degree to which we believe that we have control over the outcome of events in our lives, as opposed to external forces beyond our control. 

Technically, LoC is one of the four elements in dimensions of core self-evaluation under personality psychology along with neuroticism, self-efficacy and self-esteem. My experiment is aligned more to self-efficacy, but I want to apply the results of my experiment with the things that goes beyond the borderlines of self-efficacy.

“You must have heard many non-smokers giving tips to the smokers to lower down the number of cigarettes to eventually get rid of the obsession.”

This is more of a biological tactic because slow and steady is the best way and our body is trained in a similar fashion since birth. Where I object is, we give the least attention to the most critical part of our body, the brain! I don’t have to be a doctor to understand the importance of brain. I did not choose the “slow and steady”  way to stop eating meat. I know food preference can not be pigeonholed under addiction, but it was an obsession for me. I decided and told myself not to touch the heavenly food, and I took action from the next day.

Oh wait, I left soft drinks as well. ( Which I am sure people around me will understand, how big is achievement is that. Me, without a bottle of Thums up? It is the rarest view)

And, anyways this experiment is not to get rid of the cravings but to take control if you want, you can command everything in your life.

Most of the people have an external locus of control; their actions are the result of the situation, people, atmosphere and environment around them. Have you ever thought all this time, you are just responding/reacting to the external factors? You spend most of your day managing what is happening around you which is directly or indirectly related to you.

When people plan their day, and I am talking about the most organised people around you, they distribute the time according to what has to be done, instead of what they should do, to utilise the time wisely. It might sound a bit paradoxical but read it again. Take a deep breath and think for a moment, can you wake up tomorrow and plan your day as you want it to be? 

Or will you be lazy, tired, in vacation mode, and kill time or just do the work because it is just another day at job or college?

Can you challenge yourself to do something which is different of your routine? Can you make a little change to your pattern? Don’t change your entire day but atleast change a few minutes. Ex – Can you keep your phone aside for 30 min? 

Can you?
Thank you for spending 4 minutes, you are one of the few people to experience Howling. Please share your views in the comment section, and if you liked the concept, please share it with your friends.

Download Niyantran from the SoundCloud page and enjoy. I am taking this blog slow and will post the next howl in two weeks. Hope, you liked it and will come back to read again. A lot of exciting topics to come. Stay tuned for more.

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5 thoughts on “#Howl1 – Cravings gets kicked by the power of Locus of Control!

  1. Proud to read this blog. Keep shining

    1. Thank you, Preeti, for your kind words. Stay tuned for the next Howl.

  2. I have never seen a blog like this. The content and the music incorporated into it to give a different perspective while reading it is simply beyond imagination. Good job! I will be waiting for the next “HOWL” as you like to call it.

    1. Thank you, Vipul, share it with your friends and stay tuned for the next Howl.

  3. Best of luck bro for new venture.

    hope your blog will reach new heights.

    keep growing. Good luck 🙂

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